Published: Sun, October 18, 2020

Women's March events in NYC, across US protest Supreme Court nomination

Women's March events in NYC, across US protest Supreme Court nomination

Demonstrators gathered in Washington, D.C. and several other United States cities on Saturday for the second Women's March of the year to protest President Donald Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and urge women to vote in the upcoming election.

Barrett's approval would cement a conservative majority on the nine-member court, leaving only three liberals.

Hundreds of women took to the streets of Manhattan on Saturday as part of several coordinated events to denounce President Donald Trump ahead of the presidential election. "Fight like a girl", said another.

The Women's March was first held in January 2017 on the day after Trump's inauguration as president.

Editorial cartoonists also commented on voting: long lines at some early polling sites, alleged voter suppression by Republican governors, foreign interference in Americans' choices, and the nation's rickety election machinery.

This ongoing protest is the second Women's March of 2020.

In the capital, Washington, the protesters were at the Capitol and ended up in the wide garden area that joins Congressional headquarters and the White House.

Some demonstrators wore black clothes with white lace collars, just as Ruth Bader Ginsburg had made her trademark.

In New York, about 300 protesters gathered in Washington Square, wearing pink caps and posters in support of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden or in memory of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It was one of five separate marches in the city.

"When we vote him out, come November 3, there is no choice", said Spoo.

Next month's presidential contest was also the focus of a separate NY protest Saturday in which hundreds of demonstrators protested the killings of Black people by police officers.

A grand jury decided last month not to charge any of the police officers involved with her death; instead, one officer was charged with shooting into a neighboring home. "Protesting is good but if we don't take it to the polls we're really not going to make the change we want and need".

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