Published: Mon, October 19, 2020

Pelosi Sets Stimulus Deadline, While McConnell Plans Vote

Pelosi Sets Stimulus Deadline, While McConnell Plans Vote

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday said that Democrats in Congress and members of the Trump administration have been unable to reach a final agreement regarding a future COVID-19 relief package. "On this subject where we have an agreement, we don't have an agreement in the language yet, but I'm hopeful". Advertisement " There remains an array of additional differences as we go provision by provision that must be addressed in a comprehensive manner in the next 48 hours", Hammill continued. "And we can do it now".

During a virtual conference hosted by the Milken Institute on Wednesday, Mnuchin said that it would be hard for the White House and Democrats to reach a deal on a comprehensive COVID-19 relief package before the presidential election, as the two sides were still far apart on certain issues.

The bill, dubbed a "skinny" relief bill for its pared-down funding, was already rejected by Democrats in September and is again expected to fail. "She couldn't care less about our people", he said, adding he believes the real reason she doesn't want to pass anything is because "it's bad for her election".

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"When you say "may" you're giving the president a slush fund", Pelosi claimed". "What the virus has done is put a wedge in our economy".

Pelosi also said that Republicans "took out 55% of the language we had there for testing and tracing", which she said was important because a lack of sufficient testing and tracing has contributed to minorities being more heavily impacted by COVID-19. "He may do this, he may grant, he may withhold". In the wake of Trump's "go big" tweet, she told colleagues that the Democratic side has more leverage than ever, three participants said.

"You can not leave it up to the states to decide how they're going to address the minority community", she said. "We'd agreed with the Democrats with $75 billion going to testing, contact tracing".

Trump weighed in after drawing a rebuff by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell last week for saying he's prepared to go higher then the $1.8 trillion his team had been trying to offer Pelosi.

He said the Senate would vote Tuesday to extend the paycheck protection program for small businesses, and on a larger measure on Wednesday that included PPP funding, extra unemployment insurance benefits, school aid, and money for testing, tracing and vaccine research and distribution. Nobody thinks this $500B+ proposal would resolve every problem forever.

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