Published: Sun, October 25, 2020
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WhatsApp Introduces Face Unlock To Its Android App

WhatsApp Introduces Face Unlock To Its Android App

As part of the new feature, all the WhatsApp business account users would be directly able to provide product catalogues to their customers from within the chat window. In recent news we have seen there are many new features coming to Whatsapp like Mute groups, snapchat as messages disappear, and much more.

You can also use this Whatsapp feature on regular computers and tablets. Now, this is another feature that is in the beta phase of testing.

For more news updates about WhatsApp or other popular social media apps, always keep your tabs open here at TechTimes. The new feature works for both private chats and group chats.

WhatsApp's mute feature has been a huge help for many who want to block notifications. In the feature, you can now lock your chats with fingerprint or face unlock.

Now, according to the reports on Xda developers, Whatsapp has added fingerprint support for unlocking.

Somewhere down the line, WhatsApp added support for fingerprint unlock, allowing Android users to easily lock the app, preventing people from spying on your personal conversations.

Twitter is coming to share feature for Android. With this feature, Android users can easily lock and unlock the app.

This new setting will be based on the BiometricPrompt API of Android. Meanwhile, you can let us know whether or not you're a fan of unlocking apps using your face down in the comments section. The "Join Missed Calls" feature will allow users to join an ongoing call mid-way if they failed to answer the phone initially. This feature was previously available for iOS users. A few months ago, WhatsApp increased the participants for voice and video call from four to eight members.

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