Published: Sat, November 21, 2020

Mink-Related Covid-19 Mutations Detected in 9 More Countries

Mink-Related Covid-19 Mutations Detected in 9 More Countries

Earlier the Department of Agriculture said testing of the mink herd in Ireland also detected no positive results to date.

All mink on farms in Ireland are to be culled over the next few weeks due to concerns surrounding a mutated strain of Covid-19.

"This is urgent now that we see have an outbreak of Covid among mink across the globe, and the new mutant Covid strain among mink in Denmark".

"I enjoyed this before, I repent it and accept accountability for this, particularly I repent this to the numerous mink farmers who've been in a really unhappy situation".

Since ordering the cull in early November, the Danish government has been forced to admit that it had no legal power to order healthy minks outside contaminated zones killed, and the agriculture minister resigned Wednesday.

The Chief Medical Officer has written to the Department of Agriculture voicing concern that the mutation could affect the rollout of any COVID-19 vaccine. Denmark is not the only country to have its fur farms affected by Covid-19.

Mink, similar to ferrets, cats and dogs, are more susceptible to contracting the coronavirus, posing a risk they could mutate the virus and return a variant to humans.

A study in the Journal Nature this week found that, as things stand, the mink mutations would not jeopardise any vaccine.

"I regretted this earlier, I regret it again and take responsibility for this, especially I regret this to the many mink farmers who have been in a very unhappy situation", adding that "There has only been one objective: to stop the Covid-19 infection in and from mink because it poses a threat to public health".

The PM has defended the decision to cull the country's mink, saying it was based on the assessment of health authorities.

But the country's department of health "indicated that the continued farming of mink represents an ongoing risk of additional mink-adapted (coronavirus) variants emerging", he said in a statement.

Mink have shown a particular susceptibility to infection from the coronavirus, a problem inflamed by the fact that mink are bred in large numbers and in close living conditions, according to the World Health Organization.

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