Published: Sat, November 21, 2020
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'Miracle': Hospital consultant gives birth to twins while in coma

'Miracle': Hospital consultant gives birth to twins while in coma

A hospital consultant who gave birth to twins while she was in a coronavirus coma has described the delivery of the babies as a "miracle".

When Uke woke up almost a month later, she no longer had a pregnant belly and feared the worst. When she woke up and could not see her gestational belly, she feared she had lost her child.

Her babies were delivered by caesarean section at 26 weeks on 10 April. The pair's due date had been mid-July. Her daughter Sochika Palmer weighed 27oz at birth, while her son Osinachi Pascal was only 30oz.

Uke's anxious husband, Matthew, had their prayers answered 16 days later when she came out of her coma and began her road to recovery, she told Metro. She told Metro 'It's just a miracle what happened, to come out of this.

"My wife was still in a coma, sick, I couldn't talk to her".

"The worst part was waking up from a coma".

Both mum and babies continued to do well and, more than a month after first being admitted to hospital, Perpetual was able to return to the family home in Harborne when she was able to see her other children for the first time since beginning to feel unwell.

"It was a very, very worrying time for my husband and kids and, even after I woke up, I couldn't see my babies for more than two weeks".

The babies, named Palmer and Pascal, were cared for in the hospital's neonatal intensive unit - and their mother spent 16 days in critical care before seeing them. "I was really anxious and disorientated".

However, the story ended well, and the repatriated family is, in Uken's words, "very, very happy".

The consultant added she would be forever grateful for the NHS staff who saved their lives, and that she now planned to enjoy her well-earned maternity leave. They were only 850 grams and 770 grams at the time and were immediately placed in special care for premature infants.

'Their journey has been miraculous and the day of their discharge home was very emotional indeed.

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