Published: Sun, November 22, 2020

BTS Dropped Their Fifth Album 'BE'

BTS Dropped Their Fifth Album 'BE'

The song also became part of the band's newest release.

Strict disinfection measures took place at the entrance, while reporters were seated with extra distance.

"Our press conference for "Dynamite" was held online, and it's our honor and pleasure to meet you (reporters) again". "We had to. I hope this gives a feeling of connectedness".

BTS just released their new album, BE, alongside the music video for 'Life Goes On'.

"Life Goes On" is the first BTS track that addresses coronavirus and how it has brought lives to a standstill across the world.

BE concludes with "Dynamite", which RM said has the same roots as "Life Goes On", so it serves as the "firework finale" to the album. It is a little bit more wavy.

Jin said, "We are placed in a situation where everything has stopped". And we feel frustrated, we feel sad.

BTS gathers around bonfire in 'Life Goes On' music video teaser

I also feel like this album has a bit of everything for everybody; the songs featured range from alternative hip-hop to having elements of EDM and colorful disco music, as well as those tracks with slower, more emotional melodies. "It's wonderful that the video I took and worked hard on is released as a music video". The song is more special as Jungkook himself has directed the music video. It was one of our goals and thoughts that kept us as a team.

According to the group leader, RM, the group is hoping for a Grammy nomination.

"It was a stage that left the biggest footprint when we were trainees who were dreaming and growing. I think I'll be in tears when I receive it", said RM, adding the team will probably be staying up for the nomination announcement next week. That's so important to us.

"Their music saved me so many times and it still continues to do so". Also, how they will get better eventually.

The K-Pop septet originally teased BE during a livestream in late July, but there were very little details as to what was to come. They are not sure about what kind of message to deliver and records to set next. We are the people who feel genuinely happy when performing onstage.

"We showed the process of making the album with fans through livestreaming and sharing videos".

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