Published: Sun, November 22, 2020

Warmer for the weekend - Showers by Thanksgiving

Warmer for the weekend - Showers by Thanksgiving

This set-up will give us the chance for a few isolated showers, although coverage will be sparse.

For Sunday, expect mostly sunny skies until some afternoon drizzle arrives. Temperatures will be in the mid-50s. As of now, it is projecting a 35% chance of rain on Thanksgiving.

Skies will turn mostly sunny Monday afternoon. I wouldn't be surprised to see a coastal sprinkle in this easterly flow but any rain activity should remain along the immediate coast.

WeatherWorks forecaster Rob Reale agrees temperatures will be in the 50s, but he says it will be a close call between a wet Thanksgiving and a dry Thanksgiving.

Low temperatures will return to near-normal levels, albeit still a few degrees above, in the mid-60s.

The centre: Clear skies and sunshine is predicted in the centre all weekend with temperatures reaching daily highs of 17 degrees and nightly lows of 10 degrees.

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High pressure starts to break down across the area as an upper-level low develops across the Bahamas. From Wednesday there will be a chance of rain with the heaviest showers on Wednesday and expected to continue through until Friday when temperatures are to drop to highs of 16 degrees.

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