Published: Thu, December 31, 2020
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Channel Island health bosses welcome approval of Oxford Covid vaccine

Channel Island health bosses welcome approval of Oxford Covid vaccine

At this rate, it means more than 3million people will need to get vaccinated daily in order to meet the government's June deadline, according to an NBC News analysis of the data on Tuesday.

In the U.S., there's a significant difference between the number of vaccines that have been distributed to various locations and the number of shots that have actually gone into arms. "I am also now, with this approval this morning, highly confident that we can get enough vulnerable people vaccinated by the spring that we can now see our route out of this pandemic".

"There are no data to demonstrate that protection after the first dose is sustained after 21 days", it said in a statement, adding the implementation of alternative schedules should be closely monitored. It's the second coronavirus injection to be cleared for emergency use in United Kingdom after Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE's in early December.

The Oxford vaccine has been found in trials to be less effective than the Pfizer shot but, crucially for countries with more basic health infrastructure, can be stored and transported under normal refrigeration, rather than supercooled to minus 70 deg C.

He did not allege that Britain rushed its decision and praised Britain's MHRA regulatory agency as "science-based".

The AstraZeneca vaccine, like the Pfizer option, requires two doses to be given to patients. United States pharmaceutical giant Pfizer developed the vaccine against COVID-19 along with German company BioNTech.

While soaring case numbers played a part in that decision, Munir Pirmohamed, of Britain's Commission on Human Medicines, said that there appeared to be no drawback to waiting for the second dose and that a longer time between shots might even improve efficacy.

Pfizer responded to the new British policy by saying that any "alternative" dosing regimens should be tracked by health authorities. The country is reportedly preparing to inoculate a million people per week with the homegrown vaccine at pop-up sites in soccer stadiums and race tracks.

A USA nurse has tested positive for COVID-19 eight days after having received a Pfizer vaccine shot.

Early results from studies in nearly 24,000 people in Britain, Brazil and South Africa suggest the AstraZeneca vaccine is safe.

"As the pandemic rages on, speed of supply is as important as price for vaccines, and here AstraZeneca has been no better than other big pharma companies". The extreme-cold needed to store other vaccines is "very impractical" in developing countries, said Dr. Gillies O'Bryan-Tear.

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