Published: Wed, January 13, 2021
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AstraZeneca applies for European Union approval of its vaccine

AstraZeneca applies for European Union approval of its vaccine

A person in a protective face mask crosses a street in the city centre amidst the spread of the coronavirus disease in Sydney, Australia, December 30, 2020.

If endorsed by the EMA and formally approved by the European Commission, the AstraZeneca vaccine would become the third vaccine against the new coronavirus available on the continent after Pfizer's and Moderna's.

She said "Good news!"

It is also easier to store and transport, especially that from Pfizer / BioNTech which must be stored at very low temperatures (-70 ° C).

"The question is really whether it (AstraZeneca) is able to provide herd immunity".

It is possible to get an extra dose out of vials of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine as well as the one made by Pfizer, the head of immunisation at Public Health England (PHE) said on Wednesday.

In a statement, the ASI said Turner was speaking as an expert in immunology and that the body did not advocate a pause to the rollout as widely reported by local media.

AstraZeneca did not immediately respond to an email request for comment.

"Given we have fantastic vaccines against this, I think it would be wise to not rely on the AstraZeneca vaccine for controlling the virus in Australia", ASI chief Professor Stephen Turner told the paper.

This includes non-clinical data, data on the vaccine's quality and "some evidence" on safety and efficacy from a pooled analysis of interim clinical data from four ongoing trials in the UK, Brazil and South Africa.

Australia has invested in a range of different vaccines, but the AstraZeneca recipe stands at the forefront of the nation's rollout plans.

Australia has been more successful than many other countries in managing the pandemic, with total infections in the country of 25 million people at about 28,600, with 909 deaths.

Paul Kelly dismissed any doubts over the efficacy of the vaccine, of which Australia has purchased more than 50 million doses, but admitted he was "concerned" that the debate would lead to increased vaccine skepticism.

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