Published: Wed, January 13, 2021

Black Capitol Hill Cop Saved Lives Luring Trump's Terrorists Away from Lawmakers

Black Capitol Hill Cop Saved Lives Luring Trump's Terrorists Away from Lawmakers

A member of the United States Capitol Police is being hailed as a hero after he apparently led President Donald Trump's supporters away from the U.S. Senate chambers during the storming of the Capitol.

Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman, identified by the CNN reporter Kristin Wilson, was seen in video footage taken by the HuffPost reporter Igor Bobic putting himself between the Senate chamber and an angry mob headed by a rioter wearing a QAnon T-shirt.

Dozens of police officers who were at the Capitol when a swath of protesters descended upon them are recovering from their injuries almost a week after the insurgence. Footage from Wednesday's attack on the Capitol shows him leading the mob of Trump supporters in the opposite direction of the Senate chambers after he noticed it was unguarded.

Armed with only a baton and with no other officers nearby, Goodman leads the men on a chase up a flight of stairs while calling "second floor" into his radio. "THANK YOU." Read rest of story here.

WUSA reported that Goodman is an Army veteran who spent time in Iraq.

Unfortunately, 4 people and 1 police officer of the Capitol died during the riot on Wednesday.

The efforts by Goodman, who is Black, gave police the time needed to race to lock the doors to the Senate chamber, according to the Washington Post. I hope @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @WhipClyburn consider him for the Congressional Medal of Honor. "He nearly certainly saved lives on Wednesday".

A Capitol Police officer also died amid the chaos.

A spokesperson for the Capitol Police declined to specify how many officers suffered injuries but noted that the injuries sustained range from concussions to scrapes and bruises.

The recent riot at the Capitol Hill building in Washington D.C. has been the biggest news lately. In front of the officer, coming up the stairs, is a mass of rioters.

According to CBS News, rioters indicated they meant to find House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence. The officer was said to be "very shaken, very appalled, very angry" after being released from the hospital, the chief said.

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