Published: Wed, January 13, 2021
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Canada orders 20 million more doses of Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine: PM

Canada orders 20 million more doses of Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine: PM

The province is expected to receive more shipments of both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in the next few days.

If you think you may have contracted COVID-19 at some point a year ago but never got tested, you might be able to help Statistics Canada out.

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization says briefly delaying the second dose of a vaccine could allow more people to get a first dose sooner, though it stresses efforts should be made to follow the recommended schedules for administering the shots.

The Manitoba government is expanding the eligibility for one of its COVID-19 relief programs for businesses. About half of those surveyed who responded they want the vaccine say the wait is too long.

The grants have already been available to a wide array of small- and medium-sized businesses and charities.

Pfizer's shares were down 2% to $37.03 at 3:14 pm in NY trading on a day when the company also said its 2021 adjusted earnings would be between $3 and $3.10 per share, less than what analysts were expecting. More than 1,700 people are being treated in Ontario hospitals for COVID-19, including 385 in intensive care and 262 on ventilators.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday Canada will have 80 million doses in total arriving this year from Pfizer and Moderna.

"It's a two dose regimen so that would be about 300,000 people. when you add Pfizer and Moderna to our planning. we'd have a little less than 1.4 million doses in the country by the end of March in about 11 weeks' time and that would vaccinate around 700,000 people".

"To date, millions of people have been vaccinated and we are closely monitoring all adverse events in individuals receiving our vaccine", Pfizer spokesperson Jerica Pitts told The Post in a statement Wednesday.

He also announced the Canada U.S. border closure has been extended until February 21st.

British Columbia is reporting 2,392 new vaccinations administered for a total of 62,294 doses given.

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