Published: Wed, January 13, 2021

Dustin Diamond hospitalized amid cancer battle

Dustin Diamond hospitalized amid cancer battle

Per TMZ, the lively performer was in Florida over the weekend and was hospitalized after feeling aches and pains throughout his body.

Actor Dustin Diamond, known for playing Samuel "Screech" Powers in the hit 1990s sitcom "Saved by the Bell", has been hospitalized.

According to his team, worries are that Diamond may be battling cancer. He was taken to the hospital, and doctors have been running tests on him since.

The actor who played "Saved by the Bell's" most famous nerd is reportedly in the hospital.

The star was noticeably missing from the reboot that premiered in 2020, which is likely due to his complicated history with the show. Diamond's mother is said to have died of breast cancer, but no answers are available at the time of writing regarding what kind of cancer Diamond himself is being tested for.

Saved by the Bell returned past year with a revival on NBC's Peacock streaming service, but Screech did not show up.

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