Published: Wed, January 13, 2021

Government rejection of visa-free European Union touring "utter insanity"

Government rejection of visa-free European Union touring

It arrives immediately after an officer at the Hook of Holland seaport was filmed mocking "welcome to Brexit, sir" - as he took a British truck driver's ham sandwich at the border.

DUTCH cops have paraded a lot more food that they have confiscated from Brits right after snatching a trucker's ham sandwich due to Brexit. "Welcome to Brexit, sir, I'm sorry", an official in the video said.

People traveling from a non-EU country to the bloc are not permitted to bring meat or dairy products with them.

Border officials seized the sandwiches, a TV segment showed.

Industry leaders in the United Kingdom live entertainment industry are calling for Her Majesty's Government to provide full details of the negotiations along with more transparency of what was offered for British musicians in the Brexit trade deal talks.

The customs officer can be heard telling the man: 'Since Brexit, you're no longer allowed to take certain foods to Europe like meat, fruits, vegetables, fish, those kinds of stuff'.

Pictured: The driver's ham sandwiches, wrapped in foil.

The new Brexit rules have also hit grocery retailer Marks and Spencer, which wasn't able to stock its popular sandwiches and meals in France after Britain's official exit from the European Union on 1 January.

The bemused driver asks the officer if he could keep the bread and lose only the sandwich filling, to which the border officer replies: "No, everything will be confiscated".

He said: "Maybe this is something that folks neglected in Brexit, but the customs guys preferred to get the concept out that food stuff is not authorized to be taken into the European Union from outside the house in any form".

This is discredited by The Independent's source, who told the publication: "The UK refused to agree because they said they were ending freedom of movement".

The rule is in place to guard against the potential spread of animal diseases, such as foot and mouth and swine fever.

This ban came into effect from December 31 from 11 pm and disallowed the lorry drivers to carry these products, even if they are meant for travel snacking in the long drives.

Travellers carrying undeclared meat and dairy can be fined or be prosecuted under the rules, which warn that any such products "will be confiscated and destroyed".

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