Published: Wed, January 13, 2021
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Last Hitman 3 locations revealed

Last Hitman 3 locations revealed

With the release of Hitman 3 later this month on PS4, Xbox One and PC, PlayStation owners will get a little exclusive. Players will have the opportunity to find new ways to kill in scenic environments.

The epilogue for Hitman 3 will take place in the Carpathian Mountains, and it'll be the FINAL mission of the World of Assassination trilogy.

Mendoza, Argentina is the fifth location in the Hitman 3 game. However, this does include DLC Trophies for content relating to both Hitman and Hitman 2, both of which will be playable through Hitman 3 if you already own them on the same system.

Agent 47's adventure will take him around the world to six unique locations across three continents.

Thanks to Glacier, the game has the ability to add more than 300 NPCs in scenes that give a more life and realistic feel to the environment where the Agent 47 trips take place. Join an excited crowd to witness the breath-taking scenery and explore the top floors of this exquisite building - both inside and out.

Hitman 3 Locations Dartmoor
Dartmoor UK. Berlin Germany. Chongqing China

England - Travel to the historic Thornbridge Manor in Dartmoor for a mission with a murder mystery twist. "Two birds, one disguise".

The Chongqing (China) level sounds like it could be interesting, as Agent 47 explores small shops and food stands crammed into tight streets.

As IO Interactive points out, "this megacity is a transportation hub with plenty of secrets off the beaten path".

Argentina - As one of the most well-known wine regions in South America, Mendoza is the ideal place to take in the handsome sights and acquired tastes of Argentina. For detailed information on Hitman 3, you can check out our recent post everything you need to know about Hitman 3.

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