Published: Wed, January 13, 2021
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Qualcomm introduces faster fingerprint sensor for smartphones

Qualcomm introduces faster fingerprint sensor for smartphones

In addition to the increased surface area, Qualcomm has also managed to make the new fingerprint sensor capable of reading inputs through more materials, including foldable displays and even water.

Firstly, the 3D Sonic Sensor gen 2 has a 77 percent larger scan area when compared to the outgoing model.

Now, while there is no official word on if the new Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2 being used on the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, it is expected that the Qualcomm sensor will be incorporated in the latest Samsung flagship smartphone.

Qualcomm says the larger and faster fingerprint reader will make the process unlocking the device quicker than ever.

As per the official press note, the second-gen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor measures 8mm x 8mm. (4x9mm) and had a rectangular outline.

Qualcomm doesn't want to miss out on the CES 2021 hype and has today announced its second-gen in-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. It is also ultra-thin at just 0.2 mm which will help OEMs trying to achieve maximum thinness with their designs. Accuracy and speed were not up to par with other optical in-display solutions from Chinese OEMs like OnePlus and Huawei, many of which now use quicker and more accurate optical solutions (versus ultrasonic).

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