Published: Thu, January 14, 2021
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Alberta's COVID-19 cases trend up with 875 new infections

Alberta's COVID-19 cases trend up with 875 new infections

About 1,500 appointments for health-care workers in the AHS Calgary zone were cancelled so vaccine could be used to complete immunization at continuing-care facilities, AHS spokesperson Kerry Williamson told Postmedia.

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, chief medical officer of health, said on Twitter that as of Saturday, 44,994 doses of the vaccine have been administered in Alberta "giving a rate of 1,017.5 doses per 100,000 as we continue to ramp up immunization efforts".

The premier said that he has been in talks with the prime minister about supply and distribution.

There are 820 people in the hospital with 137 ICU.

Hinshaw also reported 23 more COVID-19-related deaths. "Men and women whose passing leaves a hole in the lives of those who cared about them". "We rise or fall together", she said.

Hinshaw says the business owners who prepare for a safe future reopening but follow the measures now in place are helping their communities, protecting our health care system, and helping Alberta get to a low enough level of community transmissions so reopening can happen faster.

"And that's certainly a concern for us."Both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, the two vaccines now approved for use in Canada, were shown in clinical trials to have a 95 per cent efficacy in preventing severe infection from the virus that causes COVID-19".

AHS has organized nine satellite clinics across the province to vaccinate more than 425 emergency department staff, a pilot plan they hope will increase access to the vaccine program. COVID-19 doesn't care about anyone's race, religion or political references.

"When cases rise, it is because we are infecting each other". An exact timeline for reaching that level is hard to predict, however.While a highly effective vaccine will allow us to reach herd immunity quicker, Bogoch says a 95 per cent efficacy in a clinical trial might not actually translate that successfully in the real world.Since efficacy was based on a two-dose regime, Bogoch expects that number to drop if people don't return for a second shot.

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