Published: Thu, January 14, 2021

Azealia Banks Shocks Fans With Vile Pet Abuse Video

Azealia Banks Shocks Fans With Vile Pet Abuse Video

The videos were either deleted by Azealia herself, or removed by the social media service after being reported.

Azealia Banks has posted and subsequently deleted a graphic Instagram where she exhumes her dead cat from her backyard and "cooks" it in a black stew, as a way to preserve its bones. "My Dear Kitty", before going on to thank her cat and referring to it as a "legend" and an "icon". Banks took to Instagram to explain to her followers that digging up the cat and plunging it in boiling water were preparations for taxidermy. The outlet claims the rapper dug up her dead cat's corpse, cooked it, and filmed the entire thing on her IG.

One tweeted: "AZEALIA BANKS JUST UPLOADED A VIDEO OF HER DIGGING UP HER DEAD CAT AND COOKING IT?!?!?" "Forever a serval serve", she added.

In the following videos she is seen to stir a pot of boiling water. They also raised concern because this is not the first time that Banks posted a video that appears to have an impact on her mental status based on her previous stunts.

Instantly, reaction was one of horror, as viewers wondered whether she was cooking her cat to eat it - before long, her name was trending on Twitter.

In August, Banks wrote on social media, "I think I will end my tenure here on earth soon". She further commented on how certain races have a history of beings "seers, diviners, witches and wizards".

With this context, it can be assumed she was preserving her cat's remains to be able to transport it across the USA, rather than abandon it in her backyard. "In case you didn't know, brujeria is the Spanish word for witchcraft".

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