Published: Thu, January 14, 2021
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CES 2021: Samsung's Bot Handy acts as a housekeeper

CES 2021: Samsung's Bot Handy acts as a housekeeper

The second robot in developed is Samsung Bot Handy, which will rely on advanced AI to recognize and pick up objects of varying sizes, shapes, and weights, becoming an extension of you and helping you with work around the house.

According to Engadget, the Korean tech giant introduced the state-of-the-art Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ is a vacuum cleaner equipped with 3D and LiDAR sensors to map out an optimal cleaning path.

Another major product that Samsung showcased at today's CES 2021 Day 1 is the Samsung Bot Care. With video and interactive training via Bixby-enabled voice control, Samsung Health Smart Trainer elevates and personalizes the home workout experience. will be bringing all the news live from this Unpacked event so watch this space for full details.

It's just not CES without robots, and Samsung always delivers on this front. You can also attend cooking classes to learn new recipes through the proprietary service. Also, for U.S. consumers, more than 160 free channels are available through Samsung TV Plus.

Samsung's new Bespoke 4-door Flex refrigerator, featuring changeable panels and a new filtered water dispensation system that will auto-fill a pitcher (Spring availability); The Bespoke also comes with a Dual Auto Ice Maker which makes not only regular cubed ice t also smaller "ice bites" to suit different preferences for cold beverages.

Samsung was fairly light on details regarding price and availability since both of these Bots are now in development. It would be essential to note that the company has laid down its plans of introducing both, the pet care services and JetBot 90 AI+ vacuum cleaner in the United States and South Korea in the first of the year.

According to Samsung, it will launch the JetBot 90 AI+ in the US before mid-2021. It can also remind you of upcoming meetings you have and other appointments on your schedule. The second is its proposed software updates to older Galaxy range of smartphones, which can turn them into specific use-case devices such as baby monitors or long-range remotes for appliances. The new feature uses the inbuilt sensors of Samsung TVs along with software algorithms to track and analyse postures in real time. Using artificial intelligence, the Bot grows accustomed to your behavior over time and responds accordingly.

The new Samsung Bot™ Handy, which is now in development, uses advanced AI technology to identify and pick up objects; after scanning and analyzing any object in its path, the robot will be able to use the appropriate amount of force to grab and move objects based on their material composition.

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