Published: Thu, January 14, 2021
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GM unveils futuristic flying, self-driving Cadillac

GM unveils futuristic flying, self-driving Cadillac

The US auto giant offered few details, releasing only a video of the Cadillac brand electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (eVTOL) on its digital exhibit page.

General Motors unveiled a futuristic flying Cadillac - a self-driving vehicle which carries the passenger above the streets and through the air.

Not only is GM's future taking to the skies, but the video also showed it is heading down the road with a new luxury autonomous shuttle that seats two passengers.

Not to be left in the dust with the driverless and flying vehicle crazes now sweeping the globe, General Motors' luxury vehicle brand, Cadillac, has taken the cover off a couple of concept designs for its versions of an airborne auto and a self-navigating pod and their looks are causing online attendees to stare.

A GM spokesperson confirmed to CNBC that the firm has designed models of both autonomous concepts, but used computer renderings during the presentation. The vehicles are completely autonomous and will meet and drop passengers to the landing port closest to their destination.

The vehicle is fully autonomous and all electric and is powered by a 90KW motor.

Michael Simcoe, VP of Global Design at GM, described the concept as "GM's first foray into aerial mobility".

The boxy shuttle does not feature windows on the side, but has a large sheet of glass as the roof and around the back.

"VTOL is key to GM's vision for a multimodal future", he said.

The new sedan will go by the name Celestiq, and during an online presentation General Motors held Tuesday as part of the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, the automaker teased some features of the Celestiq, including a four-panel glass roof.

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