Published: Thu, January 14, 2021

How many new COVID-19 cases on Vancouver Island? B.C

How many new COVID-19 cases on Vancouver Island? B.C

Meanwhile, at Wednesday's briefing Mayor John Tory said that residents should just stay home as much as possible, regardless of the finer details of order. The system is on the brink of collapse.

CAEP said at the very least: authorities should provide a clear and specific description of which groups are actually given priority and why; those providing direct patient care to critically ill and suspected COVID-19 patients should get priority; governments and health authorities should ensure that prioritization guidelines are being followed and that those in higher priority groups, such as emergency health-care providers in regions where resources are scarce, get higher priority. Everyone must stay home to save lives.

"Enforcement and inspections will increase".

When asked how the stay at home order differs from a curfew, like the one implemented in Quebec, Ford said he has never been in favour of a curfew and doesn't want to lose the trust of Ontarians. "As simple as that", he said. That is a hard lockdown.

Currently, Ontario's testing for the variant from the United Kingdom, known as B117, is only done in special circumstances, such as knowing the person travelled outside of Canada recently or had contact with a traveller. As soon as you tell the people of Ontario you have lost trust, that's it, game over. "I do not believe in that".

A stay-at-home order will formally take effect at midnight tonight but Toronto officials say they won't be undertaking any enforcement action until they have had a chance to review the regulations at length.

All non-essential retail stores are now restricted to operating hours no earlier than 7 a.m. and no later than 8 p.m.

There are also growing concerns regarding the United Kingdom variant of COVID-19, which has been detected parts of Canada, including Ontario, which deteced eight new cases on Tuesday.

Schools in hotspot areas will remain closed until February 10 and chief medical officer of health will provide an update on January 20 on schools in other regions of the province.

In the coming months, the province says municipally-run vaccine clinics will be opened, mobile vaccination sites will be set up and other places will be able to administer the vaccine, such as pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, primary care settings and community health centres.

As part of the Safe Restart Agreement, the federal government is funding a temporary income support program that allows workers to take up to 10 days of leave related to COVID-19, preventing the risk of further spread in the workplace and well as allowing workers to focus on their health. "We aren't telling people they can't get out and walk their dog", the Premier said. Brown showed us and if that isn't scary enough, I don't know what is.

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