Published: Thu, January 14, 2021
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Hyundai Will Make Apple’s Self-Driven Cars, Production Starts 2024; India Launch?

Hyundai Will Make Apple’s Self-Driven Cars, Production Starts 2024; India Launch?

At the moment, both Apple and Hyundai have no comment on this.

According to this, a deal being worked on that could allow the South Korean vehicle manufacturer to produce the so-called "Apple Car".

Although, the carmaker said that "nothing has been decided" at that stage.

A Kia Motors factory, which is an affiliate of Hyundai, would be the location chosen for production, with the first units expected to launch in 2024. What this seems to suggest is that the Apple Car is indeed real, but whether or not it will be made by Hyundai is a different story.

Many observers appear to think that the partnership between Apple and Hyundai, the world's fifth-largest automaker, would create a great synergy effect.

There is still no certainty Apple will release a vehicle, or that it'll make the reported 2024 target (another Korean publication pointed out a 2027 timeframe).

The companies plan to produce 100,000 vehicles that year, before reaching an annual capacity of 400,000.

Insiders of the automotive industry believe that Apple's proposal for collaboration was an inevitable choice.

The speculations also claim that Hyundai and Apple are planning to release a "beta version" of the auto in 2022 to make a ideal vehicle.

According to a report, for the last few days, it's been cited everywhere that Apple is planning to introduce a self-driving electric vehicle. The reports send Hyundai shares skyrocketing by close to 20%.

However, a subsequent statement to the stock exchange from Hyundai omitted this subtle acknowledgement, explaining instead that there had been "requests for cooperation on joint development of autonomous electric vehicles from various companies".

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