Published: Thu, January 14, 2021
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LG Will Launch The World's First Rollable Smartphone In 2021

LG Will Launch The World's First Rollable Smartphone In 2021

The release of the Rollable will mark another leap in the evolution of smartphone designs beyond foldable phones. We will have to wait to know more details, something that will come sooner rather than later. The company launched the world's first rollable TV at its last year's CES event, and this means that the rollable display technology is something that the company already has expertise in and that this is not the first time it's trying to develop the technology.

The LG Rollable has what the company describes as a "unique resizable screen". This LG Rollable could get rid of all of those problems, since it doesn't need to fold and instead does all of the heavy lifting (interally) for you, while giving you both phone and tablet.

One of the things to be expected to see at the event was a date for the LG Rollable, which appears to be the final name of the device. Then these At a press conference on Monday, TCL again showed an update of its foldable device, as it released a new video of the concept device expanding and retracting in a woman's hand.

LG doesn't make the best-selling smartphones these days, but we have to admit that the South Korean company has a flair for thinking outside the box, as we've seen with unorthodox models like the LG Wing. Like the Oppo X 2021 that was teased back in November of previous year, the LG Rollable also has a screen that expands from one side from its smartphone shape to a tablet shape. While we're intrigued by LG's latest concept, we have a lot of questions about how it works.

Since 2008, CES has showcased several prototypes of the flexible display in cell phones.

The specifications of LG's rollable, and more importantly, the mechanism behind how the extending screen gimmick has been brought to life, remain shrouded in mystery.

While this is the first official look at the device, it isn't the first tease of it. The company had shared a short clip of the phone from a side view expanding out and sliding back into itself in September 2020.

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