Published: Thu, January 14, 2021

What Jennifer Hudson Thinks About Returning To Sex And The City

What Jennifer Hudson Thinks About Returning To Sex And The City

When HBO Max announced that "Sex and the City" would be returning for a new series titled "And Just Like That..." fans were naturally psyched. Star Cynthia Nixon appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen before the reboot announcement, where she spoke about recasting Samantha Jones' character after actress Kim Cattrall said she would "never" return to the franchise. No release date has been announced.

The 10-episode Sex and the City revival will begin production in the spring. There's a possibility that the show will be premiering in the fall of 2021 or early next year.

In the Sex and the City franchise, there has always been a call for more diversity.

Sarah Jessica Parker likely knew fans would be inquiring about Kim Cattrall's absence from the new "Sex and the City" trailer that was revealed on Sunday, and the Carrie Bradshaw performer certainly was ready. In addition to this, the chick flick will be produced by Michael Patrick King.

The story will follow the three women as they navigate love and friendship in their 50s. Despite this unfortunate news, it was HBO that officially made a statement. The bad news? One of the main characters will be missing in action. Parker's signature voiceover accompanies the clips. "Kim was incredibly great as Samantha, I think Sharon would totally make it her own", Nixon said of one suggestion.

Will Sex And the City revival be up to par as Darren Star's latest series, Emily in Paris? .

In fact, she hasn't been on the best of terms with the rest of the cast either and back in 2017, while chatting with Piers Morgan, she admitted that they'd never been friends behind the cameras. The frisson of cultural tension runs nearly as strong as the romance through the show - which is due to air next year - with Star admitting that he "has great fun with cultural misunderstandings but also the exchanges".

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