Published: Tue, January 19, 2021

More than 80 dead in tribal violence in Sudan

More than 80 dead in tribal violence in Sudan

"The governor of West Darfur issued a decision to allow security to use force to contain the violence in El Geneina", it added.

West Darfur State's Governor Mohamed Abdalla Al Doma made a decision to designate the regular forces to end the violence started by a fight between two citizens in El Geneina, in which one of them was killed.

Sudan is in the midst of a rocky transitional period following the toppling of long-time president Omar al-Bashir in April 2019 off the back of mass protests against his rule.

"The death toll from militia attacks in El Geneina yesterday (Saturday) reached 48", the SUNA news agency said on Sunday, referring to the capital of West Darfur state and quoting the local branch of the country's doctors' union.

The clashes between Arab nomads and members of the non-Arab Massalit ethnic group led around 50,000 people to flee areas in and around a camp for internally displaced people (IDP) who were driven from their homes in previous conflicts, said the aid group Save the Children.

Days of inter-ethnic fighting in Sudan's Darfur region leaving nearly 140 dead and 50,000 people displaced have cast shadows over hopes the war-ravaged region was heading towards peace.

He also called on them to "bring an end to the fighting, restore law and order and ensure the protection of civilians, in accordance with the Government's National Plan for Civilian Protection".

On Saturday, the dead man's family - from the Arab Rizeigat tribe - attacked the Krinding camp, burning most of its houses, said Abdalla.

It was the worst violence reported since the signing of a peace agreement in October, which observers had hoped would end years of war.

The government and the armed groups agreed to deploy some 16,000 joint force in the region after the withdrawal of the UNAMID.

Weeks after the United Nations and the African Union ended a thirteen-year peacekeeping mission in Darfur.

The vast western region of Darfur was convulsed by bloody fighting in 2003.

"The clashes between the Rizeigat tribe and the Fallata tribe have stopped, and we have now counted 47 deaths", local Fallata leader Mohamed Saleh told AFP.

Fearing deadly violence, Darfur residents held protests in late December against UNAMID's departure.

Sudan's transitional government, a power-sharing arrangement between generals and civilians, signed a peace deal with rebel groups in Sudan's main conflict zones, including Darfur, in October.

The war broke out when ethnic minority rebels rose up against Bashir's Arab-dominated government, which recruited and armed a notorious Arab-dominated militia known as the Janjaweed among the region's nomadic tribes.

Adam Regal, a spokesman for a local organization that helps run refugee camps in Darfur, said families started to bury their dead after the clashes subsided.

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