Published: Wed, January 20, 2021
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Github apologises for firing Jewish employee who warned about 'Nazis'

Github apologises for firing Jewish employee who warned about 'Nazis'

The company said its human resources manager resigned on Saturday and was offering the employee his job.

According to Business Insider, GitHub employees on January 11 collected 200 signatures on an internal letter demanding that the company denounce white supremacy and Nazis and explain the cause for the firing.

"I did not know that, as a Jew, it would be so polarizing to say this word", said the unnamed employee in a Slack message to fellow Jewish employees during a disciplinary meeting, shown to Business Insider. The terminated employee He told TechCrunch in an interview On Friday he posted that he had made a comment in Slack saying, "Stay safe, my friends, the Nazis are about".

The head of human resources at GitHub ("Where the world builds software"), the provider of Internet hosting for software development and version control using Git, was apparently forced to resign over the firing of a Jewish employee who warned staffers in Washington, DC they should beware of Nazis. It was noted that in-house practices or the behavior of company leaders were not consistent and mistakes were made.

In the wake of the termination, roughly 200 of GitHub's 1,700 employees signed an open letter asking for clarity as to why the employee was let go. Over the weekend, Chief Operation Officer (COO) confirmed in a blog post an "outside investigator conduct [ed] an independent investigation" and found "significant errors of judgment and procedure". "To the employee we wish to say publicly: we sincerely apologise".

A man wearing a "Camp Auschwitz" sweatshirt was among those arrested. "That these hateful ideologies were able to reach the sacred seat of our democratic republic in 2021 is sickening", the company said.

"It was appalling last week to watch a violent mob, including Nazis and white supremacists, attack the US Capitol". However, it seems the employee has not yet returned to the company as GitHub says it is in talks with his representative.

"Antisemitism, neo-Nazis, and white supremacy - along with all other forms of racism - are vile and have no place in our community", she said.

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