Published: Wed, January 20, 2021
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Grand Theft Auto 6: The patent provides traces of significantly better NPCs

Grand Theft Auto 6: The patent provides traces of significantly better NPCs

The patent, called "System and Method for Virtual Navigation In A Gaming Environment", and filed in April 2019, is a new NPC pathfinding engine. However, it seems they were late in discovering this existence, because reportedly the parent company Take-Two had submitted this patent document since last October 2020. Rockstar's Associate Director of Technology, David Hynd, and Lead AI and Gameplay Programmer, Simon Parr, have also been named the inventors of the NPC-focused tech.

The new artificial intelligence system aims to be creative A realistic virtual world not limited to hardware or software. Since Rockstar still hasn't gone into much detail about what exactly they plan on adding to their most successful game, it's entirely possible that this new system could be designed for a new area or part of GTA V that Rockstar hasn't revealed yet.

As stated in the document, "Each non-playable character is defined by its own characteristics of crossing road knots". But multiple rumors are strongly suggesting that GTA 6 is happening. These characteristics include acceleration, braking time and distance, and an understanding of maximum speed and velocity when making a turn. NPCs and AI systems would be able to use these characteristics to generate more life-like drivers on the roads of a video game world. Although it is not explicitly stated that this patent is for Rockstar Games and GTA 6, the Reddit user behind the post specifies that the developers who filed the patent are employees of Rockstar. On the other hand, this system was built to complement GDA online; Details refer to the Xbox One and PS4 consoles instead of the new generation, in which GTA 6 will probably be released.

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For context, the patent includes an assessment of current shortcomings with NPC driving systems, noting that limited resources mean simulation is reduced in complexity. If the system is for GTA6 and does not have game multiplayer, the title may require a stable Internet connection to provide the processing responsible for this NPC behavior.

Because the current NPC system is too far-fetched, Rockstar said they want this new system to make NPCs react smarter, more varied, and look more real like in the real world.

While Rockstar has been silent on the development of the next Grand Theft Auto, it recently released The Cayo Perico Heist for GTA Online, which was the result of seven years of game evolution and finally allows for a solo play approach to GTA content. On-line.

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