Published: Wed, January 20, 2021

No Covid-19 test required for resumption of Students - Ministry

No Covid-19 test required for resumption of Students - Ministry

A new set of rules that requires "live" teaching time and daily check-ins in hybrid and remote learning MA school districts went into effect Tuesday, Jan. 19.

In a letter posted to the district's website, Superintendent Mike Tracy said two students from the same home had tested positive for the virus. Schools and colleges had closed down on November 26 amid second wave of the pandemic. "We are checking the temperature regularly of every student before they enter the school premises", he said. "We are hopeful that soon, everything will be normal and all students will be able to come to schools and meet their teachers and friends", he tweeted.

The students who attended the schools said that 50% of their syllabus has been completed through online classes.

We believe that in-person learning is what's best for all children.

"It is likely that even unknown interactions over the holiday break have created a ripple effect that we all must keep an eye on over the coming days", Tracy wrote.

Any district that does not comply with the new regulations will be required to make up learning time missed due to non-compliance by the end of the school year, the board said.

Students resumed at Government Junior Secondary School, Area 11, Garki Abuja on January 18, 2021, amid the coronavirus pandemic. There will be no physical activity in the schools and guidelines have to be displayed everywhere.

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