Published: Sat, January 23, 2021
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PM to express 'concern' to Biden over Keystone XL cancellation

PM to express 'concern' to Biden over Keystone XL cancellation

"But to be able to agree on the values and the approach and to have real discussions on how we will improve the situation for all the people who live in Canada and the United States" marks the beginning of "a new era "for" friendship "and" Canada-US work and I look forward to starting this afternoon with Mr. Biden, "he concluded".

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is accusing Mr. Trudeau of offering too mild a response to the Biden decision. We are allies, partners, and friends.

Biden opposed the Keystone XL expansion as US vice-president under President Barack Obama, who blocked the project in 2015.

"He had opposed the Keystone pipeline ... and he's been consistent in his view and he was delivering on a promise he made to the American public during the campaign".

Indeed, Trudeau and his supporters seem giddy over the fact that the Canadian PM is supposed to be the recipient of the new US president's first phone call to a foreign leader.

Trudeau held a call with all the premiers Thursday that included a briefing from Hillman, according to a readout from the Prime Minister's Office.

Justin Trudeau signalled Friday that he wants to move beyond the Keystone XL disagreement with the Biden administration because there are so many other areas where he wishes to collaborate with his American counterpart, from fighting climate change to resolving the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last March, Alberta agreed to contribute US$1.1-billion for an ownership stake in Keystone XL that it planned to sell back to proponent TC Energy Corp. after commercial operations began.

The company building the pipeline announced that the project construction was ending as a result of the decision by President Biden.

Much of the letter rehashes what Kenney has argued this week: That the Keystone XL project is dramatically different from the one that was under consideration during the Obama administration; that the federal government must put in place retaliatory tariffs to protest Biden's decision; and that the project has massive union-worker contingents.

During the Democratic primaries and campaign, Biden vowed to kill the pipeline, large portions of which have already been built in Alberta.

Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris were scheduled to receive a briefing later Friday on that recovery effort before the president makes public remarks on their plans.

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