Published: Sun, January 31, 2021
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Vaccine makers can adjust to mutations - Fauci

Vaccine makers can adjust to mutations - Fauci

Fauci noted that clinical studies will be starting in the "next couple of months" to make sure that current COVID-19 vaccines, which are now approved for adult use, are also safe to be administered to children as well.

"There were essentially no hospitalizations or deaths in the vaccine group, whereas in the placebo [non-vaccinated] group, there were", Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US' top infectious disease expert, said during a White House press briefing on Friday, after J&J's trial results were released.

Trial data suggests the vaccine candidate is 72% effective in the USA, 66% effective in Latin America and 57% effective in South Africa a month after being administered.

Dr. Baker thinks vaccinations for children are still a way off. "Remember the flu vaccine is only 40 to 60 percent effective".

Effectiveness: 85 percent effective against serious disease after a single dose.

Their efficacy rates, which exceeded 90 percent in clinical trials, were reported prior to growing concerns over what appears to be more contagious variants initially detected in Britain and South Africa.

Johnson and Johnson said it is already working on an update to its vaccine that could be deployed in countries where the South Africa variant is common.

"As manufacturing ramps up, we're going to be able to have more sites that are able to distribute the vaccine that won't need those freezers that are required for the [Pfizer and Moderna] vaccines", said Dr. Dougherty.

The two current COVID-19 vaccines - manufactured in record time by Pfizer and Moderna - that are being distributed and administered to health care workers, nursing home residents and older Americans initially were not tested on young children or pregnant women.

The company says its viral vector vaccine can be stored in a normal refrigerator for at least three months. "The safety profile was consistent with other vaccine candidates using Janssen's AdVac technology among more than 200,000 people to date", the company said.

Dr. Ramers said we will have to wait to see if the Johnson and Johnson vaccine triggers any cases, but it does not contain the fatty lipid bubble.

Also, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued stronger COVID-19 safety measures for workers this week, Slavitt said.

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