Published: Tue, February 02, 2021
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How to Sync iCloud Passwords With Chrome and Edge Chromium

How to Sync iCloud Passwords With Chrome and Edge Chromium

The description for the ‌iCloud‌ app still mentions support for the ‌iCloud‌ Passwords extension, however. But for Google Chrome users, accessing iCloud Passwords is now even simpler.

iCloud Passwords allows you to use the same strong Safari passwords you create on your Apple device, with Chrome on Windows.

For example, if you prefer using Google Chrome on your Mac, Windows, or Chromebook, then iCloud Keychain isn't all that helpful. The iCloud Passwords browser extension for Google Chrome was added to the Chrome Web Store yesterday and it is obviously free to download and install.

Apple didn't formally announce the new feature, but reports of an iCloud Passwords extension had already been referenced in the release notes of the new iCloud for Windows 10 (ver 12), which arrived at the end of January. Meanwhile, as Windows users create new credentials, these, too, will be synced to their iCloud Keychain so they can later be pulled up on Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices, when needed.

Make sure you checked the checkbox next to passwords and after that click on Apply button below.

Because iCloud Passwords is a Chrome extension, it's available wherever you can access a desktop version of Chrome. Tapping on this option brings up a prompt that states: "iCloud Passwords extension for Chrome is required; download the extension to automatically fill website passwords with your iCloud Keychain".

Besides the clunky iTunes sync software, and iCloud for Windows, Apple's app effort on Windows is a barren wasteland. The iCloud Bookmarks option was also added recently.

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