Published: Wed, February 03, 2021
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Ballerific Kicks: Nike Announces First Hands-Free Sneakers In The Go FlyEase

Ballerific Kicks: Nike Announces First Hands-Free Sneakers In The Go FlyEase

Although the shoe was long in the making, Nike paid tribute to Fallon's idea by adorning his Go FlyEase box with drawings of the sneaker he pitched, which he called the "StepLock".

As per reports, Nike's first FlyEase shoe was launched in 2015- which was introduced after the company received a letter from a 16-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy in 2012. Your days of physically kicking your shoes off and sending them flying down the hallway when you come in the door might soon be over.

Unlike crocs, which use an optional ankle strap that can be flipped out of the way, Nike designed its new GO FlyEase with a bi-stable hinge mechanism that allows the sole to separate just before the heel portion, creating a larger opening to freely slide a foot in and out.

Before trying on the sneaker, Fallon shared that he had pitched a hands-free sneaker to the sportswear giant in 2019 because he was exhausted of tying his shoes and wondered if the concept could help athletes with disabilities. Behind the shoe's smooth motion is a bi-stable hinge that enables the shoe to be secure in fully open and fully closed states.

Nike just unveiled its first sneaker that you can slip on hands-free — take a look at the $120 shoes

Although the new trainers are hands-free, they look far from it with the shoe hugging the foot and sitting as any other Nike style does. The shoe still sits on the ground when open and when closed there are no moving parts. Putting them on involves just stepping into the shoe so that it will snap into place. The "diving board" keeps a foot-bed for both stability and comfort of the wearer.

The Nike GO FlyEase will be available for some Nike Members starting on February 15. The company says "wider consumer availability" is planned towards the end of 2021.

"Sophisticated, accessible solutions, like those in Nike GO FlyEase, are emblematic of the "better is temporary" mentality that drives Nike FlyEase technology", read the copy on the Nike site.

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