Published: Wed, February 03, 2021
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Google Maps update brings split screen mode for Street View

Google Maps update brings split screen mode for Street View

It is also similar to the Live View AR feature, though that used a live feed from your camera instead of Street View imagery. If you haven't received this latest update from Google Maps and cannot wait, you can manually download the APK file from APK Mirror.

If you access Street View through a location's listing the regular fullscreen mode will launch.

It appears that this feature has rolled out widely amongst the users base through a server-side update.

Google, as you might know, has been improving its Street View feature in Google Maps for quite some time now. Nonetheless, Google has been protecting new areas each day with their particular Street View Cars so as to add immersive pictures of their Street View database. The two screenshots above show the old UI on v10.43.7; you can see the distinct lack of an expand/condense button for the split-view in those.

In the brand new split-screen UI, the precise map beneath the Street View picture now has blue-highlighted pathways to depict street-level imageries and interactive dots for user-contributed pictures. This works in either portrait or landscape orientation, making it ideal for drivers who mount their phones in landscape mode. If you want to jump from one place to another, all you need to do is to tap anywhere on the map. However, there is a possibility that not all users may see it at first and it may be a while before everyone gets it. The circular arrow now also demonstrates which direction you are currently facing. This helps the user understand their location better. You can also open the Street View mode in full screen and return to the split-screen with a simple tap.

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