Published: Mon, February 15, 2021

Burr faces censure by North Carolina GOP for voting to convict Trump

Burr faces censure by North Carolina GOP for voting to convict Trump

"I salute the seven Republican senators who convicted", Schumer said. "Trump-plus is the way back in 2022", Mr Graham told United States cable show Fox News Sunday.

In an interview on NBC News' "Meet the Press", Raskin called the impeachment trial a "dramatic success in historical terms", noting that it was the most bipartisan impeachment conviction vote in American history.

But McConnell said he voted against conviction because he believes it's unconstitutional to impeach a former president. Senator Burr did not represent the will of the people and that is a shame'. "I am running to replace Richard Burr because North Carolina needs a true conservative champion as their next senator", Walker tweeted, along with a campaign ad.

Richard Burr will face Monday a censure vote from North Carolina's Republican Party after he joined six other Republicans on Saturday in voting in favor of convicting Donald Trump for 'inciting an insurrection'.

"My goal is to win in 2022, to stop the most radical agenda I've seen coming out of the Democratic Presidency of Joe Biden", he said.

That leaves Republicans in a precarious position as they try to forge a winning coalition in the 2022 midterm elections for control of Congress and a 2024 White House race that might include Mr Trump as a candidate.

In a statement, Washington GOP Chairman Dave Ball alleged Pennsylvania's Republican Party nearly produced a resolution to censure Toomey prior to the impeachment trial, until the senator assured he would "neither vote to continue the trial nor vote for impeachment".

Further, the Wyoming Republican Party last month overwhelmingly passed a motion censuring Ms Cheney - a move she shrugged off as "mistaken". But in a scathing speech on the Senate floor just after the vote, McConnell said Trump was "practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of that day" while also arguing that he believed the trial was unconstitutional because Trump was no longer in office.

"I have listened to the arguments presented by both sides and considered the facts. Therefore, I have voted to convict", the statement read.

Burr said in a statement on Saturday that Trump "bears responsibility" for the insurrection, adding that the former President "used his office to first inflame the situation instead of immediately calling for an end to the assault".

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