Published: Wed, February 17, 2021

Charge dropped against white woman who called police on Black bird-watcher

Charge dropped against white woman who called police on Black bird-watcher

Now, news surfaced noting the Manhattan District Attorney's Office dropped the misdemeanor charge against Cooper after she completed therapy and education classes related to racial equity.

Illuzzi said Cooper's program, which included five therapy sessions, stressed appreciating racial identities but not using them to cause harm.

A therapist reported that "it was a moving experience and that Ms Cooper learned a lot in their sessions together", Illuzzi said, adding that prosecutors were now moving to dismiss the charges.

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office has agreed to dismiss Cooper's charge of falsely reporting an incident because she completed a program meant to address racial bias.

Reached by phone, Christian Cooper said he had no reaction to the news that Amy Cooper's case was dismissed.

There is no relation between Christian Cooper and Amy Cooper.

Amy Cooper's call to police was recorded on cellphone video and was widely criticized because of the emphasis she placed on the race of the stranger with whom she was in a heated confrontation. While thanking prosecutors "for their integrity", attorney Robert Barnes lashed out via Twitter. "Many others rushed to the wrong conclusion based on inadequate investigation, and for some, there may be legal consequences coming".

In 2020, a woman named Amy Cooper, also known as "Central Park Karen", was seen on camera calling the police on a Black man who simply asked the woman to put her dog on a leash.

"Mr. Cooper did not wish to participate in the criminal justice process but we determined that the defendant's offense wasn't exclusively against one individual but was a threat to the community if allowed to go unchecked", Illuzzi said in the statement.

"The simple principle is: One cannot use the police to threaten another and, in this case, in a racially offensive and charged manner", Illuzzi said. She walks over to him and asks him to stop recording to which he refused.

"I'm going to tell them there's an African American man threatening my life", Amy Cooper is heard saying in the video as she pulls down her face mask and struggles to control her dog.

Cooper later told CNN she regretted calling the police: "It was unacceptable, and words are just words, but I can't undo what I did".

Amy Cooper did not speak when offered the chance Tuesday by New York Criminal Court Judge Anne Swern.

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