Published: Sat, February 20, 2021
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Abbott addresses Texans again on power outages and water services

Abbott addresses Texans again on power outages and water services

The announcement comes after a devastating week of freezing temperatures and winter storms in Texas that led to widespread power outages. Memphis International Airport cancelled all incoming and outgoing passenger flights Friday due to water pressure issues.

Two large hospitals in the city reported no running water, leading to the cancellation of nonemergency procedures through at least Friday.

Lisa Thomas said her driveway on a hill in Jackson was a sheet of ice.

"People are in dire need here", Thomas said. He was still waiting for it to be replenished three and a half hours after arriving.

"I had to come here", he said.

With billions of dollars in damage expected from the historic Texas winter storm, a state regulator plans to collect data from property insurers to assess costs stemming from a crippled electrical grid, roofing collapses, broken pipes and other problems, a spokesman said on Friday.

Gov. Greg Abbott ordered an investigation into the failure for a state known as the US energy capital.

Biden said he'll make the decision 'probably next week'.

Biden also tweeted about the storm's impact. Oregon's governor ordered the National Guard to go door-to-door in the hardest-hit areas to ensure residents have enough food and water.

A growing number of people have perished as they struggled to keep warm.

However, water supplies remain low in Texas.

"What has me most anxious is making sure that people stay warm", Fenton said on "CBS This Morning".

Water pressure dropped after lines froze and because many people left faucets dripping to prevent pipes from icing, said Toby Baker, executive director of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

But on Friday, even as electricity and water services were resuming, many homes and some hospitals still did not have either.

Austin Water's treatment plants are operating in a stable mode at this time, but we are facing significant challenges to restore water distribution throughout the system. Much of the island city is still without water or under a boil-water advisory.

State officials told residents to use bottled water or boil tap water before drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, and washing hands. All non-urgent surgeries were postponed.

Central Arkansas Water, which services the Little Rock area, asked customers to conserve water to help protect the system as the ground began to warm and pipes thawed.

Biden and Abbott spoke Thursday night regarding the response.

Just last week, re/insurance broker Aon commented on the winter storm weather in the US, stating that the total combined economic cost was expected to reach well into the billions of dollars.

Electricity has been restored in many parts of Texas, though hundreds of thousands of residents still remain in the dark.

Rural hospitals across Texas were not only trying to treat patients under tough conditions, but also serving as de facto "warming centers" for the healthy, said John Henderson, president of the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals.

"If Sen. Cruz had resigned back in January after helping gin up a violent insurrection that killed several people, he could've taken his vacation in peace", she tweeted.

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