Published: Fri, March 05, 2021

NY Gov. Cuomo’s administration altered nursing home death reports, per reports

NY Gov. Cuomo’s administration altered nursing home death reports, per reports

The changes were made months before the federal investigation into nursing home deaths in NY began - a significant development because aides to Cuomo have claimed that the administration withheld nursing home death data from the legislature because of the pending federal investigation.

"I thought, he's trying to sleep with me", Ms.

Bennett, a 25-year-old former aide, says Cuomo quizzed her about her sex life and told her he would consider dating "anyone above the age of 22". "I think he just waits, and hopes the storm passes".

"Absolutely. I think he felt like he was untouchable in a lot of ways", Bennett replied. "It didn't feel like I had a choice".

Charlotte Bennett told CBS that she doesn't believe Cuomo was merely being flirtatious.

"For what?" O'Donnell asked.

Mary also claims that she is unable to make proper medical decisions for him and adds that they are being kept "from ever seeing each other again in a meaningful way".

"Basically, we froze, because then we were in a position where we weren't sure if what we were going to give to the Department of Justice or what we give to you guys, what we start saying was going to be used against us while we weren't sure if there was going to be an investigation", DeRosa said.

Cuomo became fixated on her history as a survivor of sexual assault, Bennett added, and, at one point, surreally repeated the phrase "you were raped" to her before later asking if that had made her incapable of sexual intimacy.

"So he goes, 'You were raped".

Gov. Cuomo's advisor and senior counsel Beth Garvey said data was omitted after it was determined that it couldn't be verified. "The governor's trying to sleep with me, '" Bennett said.

"Yes. During the workday", Bennett said.

After the interview aired, Stewart-Cousins separately told NY1 that Bennett's allegations were "heartbreaking". "I feel like people put the onus on the woman to shut that conversation down", Bennett said.

The leader of New York's state senate says Andrew Cuomo should resign if one more person accuses the governor of sexual harassment in addition to the three who have come forward so far.

Boylan elaborated on her accusations in a February 24 Medium post in which she said Cuomo once suggested a game of strip poker and on another occasion kissed her without her consent.

Bennett dismissed Cuomo's apology, stating that "it's not an issue of (her) feelings, it's an issue of his actions". The fact is that he was sexually harassing me and he has not apologized for sexually harassing me.

Facing calls for his resignation, Cuomo said Wednesday he would remain in office but apologized for acting "in a way that made people feel uncomfortable". Al Franken's quick departure in response to his own harassment allegations has since been second-guessed.

According to Cuomo, the new allegations have provided him with a learning experience, though he vowed not to step away from office amid James' investigation.

In a statement released after Cuomo's apology on Wednesday in which he did not mention Bennett by name, Debra Katz, an attorney for Bennett, said the news conference was "full of falsehoods and inaccurate information" and rejected Cuomo's claim that he didn't know he was making anyone uncomfortable.

"Get the facts please before forming an opinion and the attorney general is doing that review".

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