Published: Wed, March 10, 2021
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Joe Biden's German Shepherds kicked out of White House after 'biting incident'

Joe Biden's German Shepherds kicked out of White House after 'biting incident'

Biden says in the order that advancing gender equality "reduces poverty and promotes economic growth, increases access to education, improves health outcomes, advances political stability, and fosters democracy".

First Lady Jill Biden said in an interview last month she had been focused on getting the dogs settled into their new home in Washington.

Reporters were barking up the wrong tree if they took that as an indication the dogs had been given one-way tickets to Delaware, White House officials quickly assured reporters. "And of course, putting the dog in an environment with so many unusual people" - and some of them being imposing-looking security personnel - "that's more of a threat to the dog".

"3) Unsurprisingly, no one bothered to get a quote from Major".

The rumor stemmed from two anonymous sources who claimed to have firsthand experience of the dogs' demeanor at the White House and spoke to CNN for a news story that published March 8.

Another said: "German Shepherds weren't bred to be hospitable brain dead dogs".

Sunny, one of the Obama dogs, bit the face of a family guest who tried to kiss her. They are intelligent, independent and natural guards, they are suspicious of people outside of their pack.

A third added: Biden might want to rethink his staff.

A fourth commented: "I want to know what the security guard was doing to provoke the dog!". "Dogs are very good with routine". "They just do not go bite someone for no reason all of a sudden".

That makes it "the most powerful body of its kind to date", according to the New York Times, which reported that "almost every Cabinet secretary will be required to participate with the council, signaling that the council's work is of top priority for every federal agency". "Do the wrong thing to them and they defend themselves".

Fontaine said the transition from a private residence to the White House would be hard for any dog, but especially a German Shepherd, a breed that prioritizes protection and security. "He was in his protective wheelhouse".

Major, who was adopted by Biden in November 2018 from a DE animal shelter, reportedly bit a member of White House security.

The older German Shepherd, Champ, is 13 years old and is a lot slower due to his age. "And the dog needs behavior modification and maybe even psycho-pharmacological treatment to reduce his aggression", the Cornell professor advised.

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