Published: Wed, March 10, 2021
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New US guidance says fully vaccinated people can meet without masks

New US guidance says fully vaccinated people can meet without masks

She said more activities would be OK'd for vaccinated individuals once caseloads and deaths decline, more Americans are vaccinated, and as more science emerges on the ability of those who have been vaccinated to get and spread the virus.

Also Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Thursday will be a "national day of observance" to commemorate the 22,000 people in Canada who have died from COVID-19 and to acknowledge all the ways the virus has changed our lives in the previous year.

The CDC is finalizing guidance for those who have been vaccinated in the United States.

Vaccinated people can also start planning safe indoor dinner parties with their vaccinated friends."If you are fully vaccinated, it is likely a low risk for you to invite other fully vaccinated friends to dinner inside your private residence", the CDC said.

When vaccinated and unvaccinated people gather together, precautions must still be taken if any of the unvaccinated people or their household members are at high risk of contracting severe COVID-19, said CDC director Rochelle Walensky, MD. They should keep an eye on symptoms for two weeks, CDC noted.

Williams said following common public health advice across all levels of the framework - distancing, wearing a mask and staying home where possible - will help prevent a spike in variant cases that could compromise the health-care system. Can I go to a bar now? Can I finally see my grandchildren?

"It's important to note that this is initial guidance".

Individuals also need to continue to implement preventative measures when in public.

But some said the guidance is too cautious.

The new CDC recommendations also stressed that "fully vaccinated" doesn't kick off when a shot hits your arm.

But any of those gatherings, like grandparents visiting unvaccinated grandkids, are limited by location, Walensky said, because the CDC still wants people to refrain from traveling.

Those who are vaccinated are still required to follow other basic safety measures, like wearing masks and socially distancing in public as well as avoiding large crowds and travel.

However, some cities and states have already begun lifting pandemic restrictions against the advice of public health experts. "People are following the rules, they are coming in at the appropriate time, they're being very patient, and they want to make sure that people who are the most at risk are going to be given their vaccinations first".

"The CDC is missing a major opportunity to tie vaccination status with reopening guidance".

Itskowitz said, the larger the gathering, the greater the risk there is someone present who is not fully vaccinated or for whom the vaccine was not effective.

The Biden administration said last Tuesday there will be enough vaccine for every adult in the May thanks to a deal brokered between pharmaceutical giants Merck and Johnson & Johnson, but health experts say the US could reach that milestone by mid-April.

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