Published: Wed, March 17, 2021
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'It is safe': Trump encourages supporters to get vaccinated against Covid-19

'It is safe': Trump encourages supporters to get vaccinated against Covid-19

Fauci added the United States will be working also on a global push on the vaccines, including making $4 billion in distributions to COVAX, the consortium of organizations and nations, but "we've got to make sure that we get our citizens vaccinated, and when we do, we will have enough vaccine, and the president has mentioned this, to be able to help out other countries by giving them some of our surpluses", he said. After being expelled from the USA they sat on a sidewalk and waited for hours without money, a cellphone or knowing where they were."They took our phones and our money in the USA, and we were left without anything", said Juanita, breaking up in tears.A woman who walked along the worldwide bridge where Juanita and the other families are sitting helped them understand they were in Ciudad Juarez and walked them to Pan de Vida, one of the few local shelters with capacity to take them in."They got here in bad shape", said the shelter director, Ismael Martinez.

The context of recent events and the psychological makeup of the people targeted by this misinformation make it particularly risky. They did not need an engraved invitation to do so.

Nearly everything else about this situation pushes conservatives in the direction of vaccine refusal. Then they were told for a year that the pandemic was no big deal.

Republican opposition to receiving the vaccine is strong. A Democratic president is begging them to do it. Republican vaccine resistance increased after the election.

Forty-nine percent of white men said they would not get vaccinated if it was available to them, and 47% of those who supported Trump in 2020 reported they would get the vaccine. He also publicly urged his supporters to get vaccinated during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Convention last month.

He said: "Based on every poll, they want me to run again".

When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Poll after poll shows significant numbers of Republicans saying they won't ever get vaccinated: 36 percent in a Monmouth University poll, 28 percent in a Kaiser Family Foundation poll, 33 percent in a CBS News poll, 41 percent in an NPR/Marist poll.

I suppose one can understand how conservatives would be a bit resentful at the political implications of all this.

In a statement, the former president said, "Our border is now totally out of control thanks to the disastrous leadership of Joe Biden". Sometimes they'll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer.

Dr Fauci, the chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, told Fox News Sunday: "If he [Trump] came out and said "Go and get vaccinated, it's really important for your health, the health of your family, and the health of the country", it seems absolutely inevitable that the vast majority of people who are his followers would listen to him.

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