Published: Fri, March 19, 2021

President Calls Him a Killer

President Calls Him a Killer

Russian President Vladimir Putin Thursday responded to comments made by U.S. President Joe Biden in which he described the Russian leader as a killer, saying, "It takes one to know one".

When asked if he believes Putin is a killer, Biden answered, "I do".

Vladimir Putin has responded to strong accusations made against him by USA president Joe Biden.

In a swift response to Biden's comments, Moscow on Wednesday evening recalled its ambassador in the United States for urgent consultations - an unprecedented move in recent Russian diplomacy.

The Russian leader pointed at America's past history of slaughtering Native Americans and slavery, arguing that the painful legacy has weighed on the United States. "President Putin proposed to discuss the situation openly because it would be interesting for the people of both countries".

The White House National Security Council did not have additional comment. He also invited the United States president to a live talk on Friday or Monday, but White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said she has nothing to report on a possible conversation between the two leaders and added that Biden was planning to be in Georgia on Friday.

Former President Trump, under whom the vaccine program was initially launched, this week gave a reserved endorsement to his supporters to get the vaccine when it was made available to them, after opinion surveys showed his backers to be the least likely to seek inoculation from the virus.

President Biden said on Thursday that his administration would reach its initial goal of administering 100 million shots of the COVID-19 vaccines well ahead of his initial 100-day benchmark.

He was asked about a new Cold War between the two countries. The Russian authorities rejected the accusations.

Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, forecast that the Russia-U.S. ties will remain bitterly strained in the coming years and spoke about the need to focus on preventing any military incidents between them.

Relations between the US and Russian Federation sank in 2014 under the administration of then-US President Barack Obama during the crisis in Ukraine, when Washington imposed sanctions on Moscow. "It's necessary to prevent possible incidents between the armed forces of Russian Federation, the USA and its allies, their aircraft and ships, or if they still happen, settle them immediately".

"I would say the president already had a conversation with President Putin, even as there are more world leaders that he has not yet engaged with", Psaki said. The report echoes claims from four years ago, when intelligence officials gathered that Russian Federation may have also swayed the 2016 election in Donald Trump's favor.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently criticized Joe Biden for his recent harsh remarks about bilateral ties.

"It really is not acceptable or palatable for a head of state to use such an expression against the head of a state such as Russia", Erdogan told reporters in Istanbul. Since Biden's inauguration in January, he has not held a telephone call with Erdogan.

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