Published: Wed, March 31, 2021
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White House says Biden dog was involved in another biting incident

White House says Biden dog was involved in another biting incident

President Joe Biden's younger dog Major this week was involved in his second biting incident of the month, the White House said on Tuesday.

Major was spotted on a walk with a White House staff member on the South Lawn on Monday evening, before Biden departed for his visit to the Vietnam War Memorial. Major and Champ, the Biden's other dog, recently returned to the White House after receiving extra training following an earlier Major biting incident.

Michael LaRosa, Mrs Biden's spokesman, said of Monday's incident: "Major is still adjusting to his new surroundings and he nipped someone while on a walk".

Major, she added, had been "surprised by an unfamiliar person and reacted in a way that resulted in a minor injury to the individual". But the dogs soon returned to the White House.

"Out of an abundance of caution, the individual was seen by (the White House medical unit) and then returned to work without injury".

Earlier this month, Major, who is about 3 years old, reportedly nipped at a Secret Service agent's hand at the White House.

Following the first incident, Biden disputed the idea that the pup had been banished away after the incident.

"You turn a corner, and there's two people you don't know at all, and he moves to protect", Biden said. I was going to be away for two, so we took him home, ' Biden said at the time.

Currently, both Major and Champ have been moved to the Biden's home in DE as the first couple is away for a few days.

"With the First Lady traveling for three days, Champ and Major went to DE to stay with family friends", LaRosa said before it was confirmed that they would return to the White House.

But Scarborough stuck with the euthanasia angle, repeatedly taunting "Dog Jesus", and on it went for a full four minutes, even roping in the panel as they were introduced.

The president adopted Major from the Delaware Humane Society in 2018 after serving as vice president under former President Barack Obama.

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