Published: Tue, April 06, 2021

Navy medic shoots 2 in Frederick, Maryland, killed by base personnel

Navy medic shoots 2 in Frederick, Maryland, killed by base personnel

A suspect allegedly shot two men in Frederick, Maryland, and was killed while breaching a local U.S. Army fort on Monday.

The New York Times explained police department spokesman Allen Etzler indicated the two victims had "life-threatening" injuries.

After receiving the call, police found the two shooting victims, both men, at Riverside Tech Park, a suburban-style sprawling complex of two-story commercial businesses, Lando said.

Fort Detrick is a U.S. Army base in Frederick that is home to the military's flagship biological defense laboratory and several federal civilian biodefense labs.

Just after 9am, Frederick police tweeted: 'We are on scene responding to an active shooter in the 8400 block of Progress Drive'. The gunman shot and injured two men in or near the business, then drove toward the base, which is about 10 minutes away, Lando said.

Fort Detrick police took the suspect down after he breached a gate at the post, fort officials said. "We will continue to update with additional details as the situation evolves".

Police had been called to the first scene, about a 4-mile drive east of Fort Detrick, around 8:20 a.m., Lando said.

'One of the victims who was wounded entered our facility looking for help and we were able to assist and call the authorities, ' said Mutschler, who is based in NY. The statement emphasizes that the shooting did not happen at Nicolock.

Frederick is about 77 kilometers northwest of Washington.

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