Published: Wed, April 07, 2021

Biden makes all adults eligible for a vaccine on April 19

Biden makes all adults eligible for a vaccine on April 19

Psaki said that Biden and Obama had built a friendship after serving together in Obama's presidential administration. "I want to have an Independence Day - an independence from the Covid", he said.

Psaki went on to clarify this doesn't mean everyone will receive a vaccine, just that everyone will then be eligible to schedule one starting on April 19. "Get the vaccination when you can".

President Biden's announcement that US adults will be eligible for coronavirus vaccines by April 19 comes after multiple media outlets cast doubt on former President Donald Trump's 2020 claim there would be enough vaccines for adults by this month. "On our way of hitting our goal off 200 million shots by the 100th day in office". Biden announced the target early last month and directed federal resources toward achieving it, but said Tuesday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that about 80% of teachers, school staff and childcare workers had received a shot. He urged Americans to get vaccinated and warned them not to let their guard down as the COVID-19 virus continues to spread. "That's how we're going to beat this".

President Biden will announce Tuesday that he is moving up the deadline for states to open up COVID-19 vaccinations to all adult Americans by two weeks, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

But Biden's announcement of the April 19 deadline was aimed at injecting optimism into a public that's grown tired of the restrictions, and it comes as a flood of vaccine is being sent to states this week.

In addition to this, states such as New Jersey and OR have announced that all Americans over the age of 16 will now be eligible to sign up for a vaccine on April 19.

"Yesterday we crossed 150 million shots [in the first] 75 days of my administration", President Biden added. What we do now is going to determine how many people we " ll save or lose in the month of April and May and June before we get to July 4th", Biden said.

"Until this vaccine is available to the world and we're beating back the virus in other countries we're not really completely safe", he added.

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