Published: Wed, April 07, 2021

ONTARIO: Province expected to announce four-week stay-at-home order

ONTARIO: Province expected to announce four-week stay-at-home order

While tighter restrictions will be in place for retail stores, schools and daycares are set to remain open for in-person care and learning where allowed by local health units.

Surging COVID-19 numbers in parts of Ontario have the Ontario Government of Premier Doug Ford considering issuance of a "Stay-at-Home" Order.

Ford is expected to make the announcement official during his 2 p.m. press conference Wednesday, which will be streamed live on this website.

Big box stores will be required to rope off non-essential items to focus only on the sales of essentials like groceries, pharmacies and gardening items - a new measure during the pandemic, sources say.

Ontario was previously under a stay-at-home that began on January 14.

The measures expected to be announced would go above and beyond restrictions put in place during the first stay-at-home order, which the province implemented January 14 and subsequently extended February 8.

Toronto confirmed 1,173 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, according to the city's COVID-19: Status of Cases in Toronto webpage.

Dr. Eileen da Villa, Dr. Lawrence Loh and Dr.

He shared his disappointment at seeing crowds of shoppers at Yorkdale mall over the weekend, saying he hoped people wouldn't be shopping needlessly during the shutdown.

Essential stores include those that primarily sell groceries, prescription eyewear, safety supplies, automobiles and other vehicles, those that rent and lease cars and other equipment, and those operated by telecommunications providers.

The new restrictions, expected to be announced Wednesday, will likely go into effect in the next 24 to 48 hours.

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