Published: Sun, April 11, 2021

US Finally Hits Stride With COVID Vaccine Rollouts

US Finally Hits Stride With COVID Vaccine Rollouts

The White House coronavirus coordinator defended turning down the request for more doses, saying the vaccine is still needed by tens of millions of people all over the country.

Statistics from World Health Organization indicate that 45 African countries have received Covid-19 vaccine, 43 have begun inoculating high-risk groups while almost 13 million of the 31.6 million doses delivered so far have been administered.

The Prime Minister Office tweeted "Strengthening the efforts to ensure a healthy and COVID-19 free India" along with the details.

Almost a quarter of IN residents age 16 and older are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, state health officials said Wednesday. "Got the COVID vaccine Great success High-five!" India is fastest compared to the US and China, which vaccinated 100 million in 89 days and 103 days, respectively.

In Brookings County, 16,796 vaccine doses have been administered to 11,166 people.

COVID-19 vaccination card holders
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Frontline workers, citizens aged 60 and above as well as those aged 45 years and above (with comorbidities) have been given preference in the initial stages of India's coronavirus vaccination drive.

People not following the Covid protocols after getting vaccinated may face the risk of infection. "Currently, 1.85 lakh vaccine doses have been stored in cold chain points", he added.

"While the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines are all highly effective at preventing severe COVID-19 illness and death, no vaccine is 100% effective, and vaccine breakthrough cases will occur", the release says.

The number of COVID-19 cases in South Dakota rose to 119,467 (270 new - 194 confirmed plus 76 probable) as of midday Friday, according to the South Dakota Department of Health.

Those who opts for COVID-19 vaccination in the private clinics, will have to pay for their doses.

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