Published: Tue, April 13, 2021
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MI officials pleading for additional vaccines as COVID-19 cases surge

MI officials pleading for additional vaccines as COVID-19 cases surge

The White House said on Monday it was prepared to send additional therapeutic treatments to the state of MI, which is experiencing a worrying number of COVID-19 cases, but declined to promise more vaccine as the state has sought. "We've asked our state for a two-week pause...despite all that we are seeing a surge of variance and that's precisely why we're really encouraging them to think about surging vaccines into the state of MI".

"So our ability to vaccinate people quickly".

Governor, you have publicly called for a surge of vaccine doses to your state, but the White House's COVID response coordinator, Jeff Zients, as we played at the top of the show, shot that down. MI is a political battleground state that Biden won in 2020, helping to secure his victory over former President Donald Trump, a Republican.

"We are seeing hospitalisations going up".

The Biden administration has highlighted an increase in vaccination rates across the country while warning Americans to continue wearing masks, maintain social distance, and follow other health protocols to prevent another major COVID-19 surge.

At roughly the same time, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensy said MI should mandate more closures to curb a third COVID surge. "I think if we try to vaccinate our way out of what is happening in MI, we would be disappointed that it took so long for the vaccine to work to actually have the impact".

"Really what we need to do in those situations is to shut things down", Walensky said.

The rise in cases is fueling fears among health experts about a potential fourth surge of the virus - one that could be more contagious and deadly due to the continued spread of the B-117 variant.

Walensky said that when states are faced with "an acute situation, an extraordinary number of cases like we have in MI - the answer is not necessarily to give vaccine". She was a frequent target of criticism from Trump.

Last week, MI averaged 6,429 new virus cases per day, and nine of the 10 USA metropolitan areas with the most new cases per capita are in the state, according to the New York Times.

The White House COVID-19 response team held a regularly scheduled briefing on Monday as both the vaccination rate in the USA and numbers of new cases of the virus continue to rise.

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