Published: Mon, April 19, 2021

Fire wreaks destruction on UCT

Fire wreaks destruction on UCT

Orange flames lit up the windows of the library that houses considerable archives and book collections while firefighters sprayed jets of water to douse the blaze.

Several Zimbabweans marked themselves "safe" after news sources reported that a brush fire of unspecified size was continuing to burn near the Rhodes Memorial, along Rhodes Memorial St.

On Sunday, firefighters battled to put out a blaze on the mountain slopes at Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town.

Wildfire wey don go "out of control" dey burn for Table Mountain for Cape Town, South Africa.

Oga Carelse add say dem get three helicopters wey dey water bomb di area - to try to quench di fire as dem dey use helicopter to release water from sky.

One firefighter was injured and being treated at a hospital, according to the Cape Town fire and rescue department.

Fire fighters dey try quench di fire fir di Table Mountain
Wia dis

"All UCT students don comot from campus", di university tok inside statement wey dem release.

Table Mountain National Park, which spreads over much of the city's unbuilt area, called on social media for hikers to leave the area and for motorists to remove cars parked in the vicinity.

The university, ranked among the best on the continent, is largely built on the slopes of Devil's Peak and is situated close to where the fire started.

Mostert's Mill is among the heritage sites destroyed by the wildfire on Sunday.

'The situation is being monitored and staff will go door-to-door in the event that evacuation is required, ' officials said.

Residents in the area have been warned of smoke and soot in the air, and told to keep windows and doors closed.

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