Published: Mon, April 19, 2021
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What to expect with new Ontario travel restrictions

What to expect with new Ontario travel restrictions

Other measures announced Friday include more restrictions on outdoor gatherings and non-essential construction projects.

"I have yet to intubate a COVID patient who had become infected from being in a playground", tweeted Dr. Ian Preyra, who works at Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington, Ontario. Restaurants and gyms remain closed, and schoolchildren will continue to receive their education via distance learning.

Dr. Andrew Morris, a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Toronto, said that closing playgrounds and other outdoor recreation facilities "will hurt the very kids and their families whose well-being we have already damaged by being forced to close schools".

"That is why we provided police services with the additional temporary authority to enforce the stay-at-home order by putting a stop to gatherings and crowds". "Moving forward, police will have the authority to require any individual who is not in their place of residence to, first, provide their reason for not being at home and provide their home address".

Jones also suggested that neighbors should "snitch" on one another if they don't abide by the new restrictions.

Many police forces in Ontario say they will not be stopping motorists or people at random to enforce new COVID-19 rules.

The new restrictions come as Ontario broke its daily COVID-19 case record on Friday, with 4,812 new infections, bringing the province's total case count to 408,383 since the pandemic started.

We will continue to engage our community, educate when appropriate and enforce when necessary any breaches of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) or the Reopening Ontario Act (ROA).

However, DRPS officers will not be conducting random vehicle or pedestrian stops in our community under this new legislation.

On Sunday, Official Opposition Leader Andrea Horwath issued a press release saying the government was going to shutter the legislature on Wednesday.

After triggering widespread criticism and opposition, Ontario officials backtracked on some of the extreme restrictions and enforcement measures.

"Ontario's enhanced restrictions were always meant to stop large gatherings where spread can happen". "Play outside safely. Parents keep your distance & wear masks if you can't". The office of the Solicitor General says if you are now outside of Ontario but your principal residence is in the province, you are allowed to return.

The new powers given to police were broadly criticized and, by Saturday afternoon, the office of the solicitor general clarified the new measures to say that police would only be able to question people who are suspected of participating in an "organized public event or social gathering".

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