Published: Mon, May 24, 2021

Australia can get enough Pfizer doses by end

Australia can get enough Pfizer doses by end

"The 38-year-old prince, who wants to encourage "refusniks" to follow his example, tweeted: "'On Tuesday I received my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Royal fans took to Twitter to compliment William.

William's grandmother, The Queen, and his late grandfather, Prince Philip, received their first doses in January.

Kroft is among a growing number of Canadians who've been partially- or fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 overseas, including in the USA where demand for doses has slowed and many pharmacies do not require proof of citizenship for the vaccine.

William, who is left-handed, is pictured receiving his jab in his right arm after rolling up the sleeve of his top. William received his jab from NHS medical staff at the Science Museum vaccination centre in London.

United Kingdom officials have been planning for the possibility of a booster vaccination campaign before the northern hemisphere winter after initially targeting immunisation with a two-dose schedule for the whole adult population by the summer.

A reminder for the date of the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will be sent to those who have been vaccinated with the first dose and had registered on the digital system.

"The faster we can provide them with vaccines, they will build up immunity to protect them from contracting the disease from devotees".

"We're doing everything we can to make getting a vaccine as quick and easy as possible, but as vaccination rates slow across the state, we're going to have to get creative".

A study looking at coronavirus vaccine boosters has launched in the test the effects of an extra dose.

Ontario reported a record-high number of COVID-19 vaccine doses given out in a single day.

Premier Alan Winde said on Sunday that a total of seven vaccination sites have been identified to be functional during the first week.

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