Published: Wed, June 09, 2021
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WRAPUP arrested 300 people in "gangster back pocket" thanks to spy phone

WRAPUP arrested 300 people in

"Criminal groups using encrypted communications to thwart law enforcement should no longer feel safe in that space", FBI San Diego Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jamie Arnold said in a news release about the operation.

More than 4000 officers from the Australian Federal Police, state and territories forces were involved in the operation, which secretly began three years ago.

More than 200 people were arrested during the operation. Eight guns and €2.3 million in cash were also seized in a string of raids across the country over the past few days, regional police chief Jannine van den Berg told a Europol press conference.

AFP has also responded to 20 murder threats and could save the lives of a significant number of innocent bystanders.

A map provided by the FBI in a federal affidavit shows the reach of Anom - an encrypted phone platform the agency took control of.

Law-enforcement officials in Europe and the United States were expected to address the global operation in briefings later Tuesday.

AFP is also likely to seek the surrender demands of a large number of stakeholders living overseas.

Australian police said the supposedly hardened encrypted devices were handed out to operatives within the mafia, Asian crime syndicates, drug cartels and outlaw motorcycle gangs as part of the elaborate FBI-led plot.

But as one model was put out of business, new ones would enter the lucrative market.

It enabled law enforcement to monitor their communications for 18 months. For years now, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been urging Apple to create a backdoor into its iPhones, citing the need to collect evidence against suspected criminals.

Operation Trojan Shield involved police swoops in 16 nations.

Commissioner Kershaw also stated that this is not the last of it.

Australia said it had arrested 224 people, including members of an illegal motorcycle gang, and New Zealand said it had detained 35 people.

"This highlights how AFP can be devastating when it works with local and global partners to combat cross-border organized crime offshore". (9News) Motorbikes were among items seized in an Adelaide police operation.

"Operation Ironside could solve many unsolved cases".

When Ramos declined an offer to cooperate with investigators by building a back door into his devices for law enforcement access in 2018, the genesis of building an undercover network from scratch began to emerge.

"We are behind organized crime", Kershaw said in the same media briefing.

Among the images shared in the affidavit were mounds of blocks of illicit drugs and a diplomatic pouch identified in the court document as French and allegedly used to transport cocaine from Colombia. Sainio added that the investigations will be carried out into organised crime gangs, and in particular drug syndicates. Among numerous phones' features, content can be remotely wiped if they are seized.

"Our first responders, teachers, and all Australians should be able to go to work and live in the community without harm from individuals under the influence of unsafe drugs". As advertised, the messaging app allowed users to send encrypted voice messages and texts between devices, and the registered phone can not have other installed applications to ensure security and utmost privacy. The mobile phone I bought in the black market couldn't call or email.

The operation started after it was Global Police in succeeded in disrupting two other large networks of encrypted telephones in the past two years, die used by criminals, the first as "Incruchat" and the second as "Skyglobal".

Australian authorities helped get these phones in die To give hands to "influential" criminals, including a fugitive Australian drug gang leader in Turkey to gain confidence. They're sold only through word-of-mouth referrals, by distributors whose reputations make them trusted within criminals' circles.

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